Heimdal PRO Free 6 Months License Download

Heimdal PRO

Heimdal PRO is a security software which protects from your from cyber attacks. Heimdal secures your online banking actives and financial transfers.
Heimdal Pro is not an Anti-Virus program but it reliably protects you against known and unknown malicious banking trojans. It detects Zeus, Sypeye, IceiX and so on.
After starting Heimdal Pro, there is a overview screen which shows a similes, if it’s green and smiling then every thing is perfect, if it’s not then your PC might be infected.
Heimdal Pro automatically patches the most commonly used softwares to completely removed the security holes. This can been in the software tab which right next to over view tab.

Heimdal Pro has automatic software updates and patching feature. You can make sure this by going to Modules tab. There’s also Secure DNS feature which reliably blocks malware, fishing websites by matching them with Heimdal Pro database.

There’s also a malware detection features which detects malwares on behavioral based or based on network traffic analysis.

Overall Heimdal Pro is a great software to keep, silently protects you from hackers and harmful content over the internet, automatically patches the softwares to remove any sort of security holes, scans for infostealers and deletes them permanently.

Heimdal PRO Free 6 Months License

Heimdal Pro is a shareware software which costs $37 for 1user/ license key but now GOTD is having a giveaway via which every user can download free licence of Heimdal Pro for 6 Months.

To receive the license for Heimdal Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Download Heimdal Pro | 3.89 MB
  2. Visit the giveaway page and click on “Get a free Pro Heimdal License 6 Months”
  3. Enter a valid email id and click on download now.
  4. You will be shown your license key instantaneously, install the program and choose ” I have Heimdal activation key” option during the installation.

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