Healing with Herbs v2.2 download apk

Healing with Herbs v2.2 download apk

Prerequisites: 2.0.1 and up

Diagram: **** 120+ Diseases to be mended with Herbs ****

There are numerous option medications exists, yet Herbs are generally acknowledged as a treatment strategy after Allopathy. Being normal Herbal cures are free from reactions. Home grown cures are gotten from a wide assortment of characteristic assets including plant leaves, bark, berries, blooms, and roots.

Herbs are utilized to recuperate ailments and sickness and to address mental concerns, natural cures have been around for a considerable length of time, and were the antecedent to present day solution.


– Detailed data for every Diseases with Herbs that can mend that sickness/malady

– Detailed data for every Herbs

1. Parts Used – which part is utilized for mending, natural data and other regular names for that herbs.

2. Properties – portrayal, and properties for the herbs i.e how it is useful for mending.

3. Application – Therapeutic uses, interior uses and outside employments of the herbs.

4. Safety measures – how you ought to utilize parts, dose, and so forth.

5. picture of herbs for simple distinguishing proof

– distinguishing proof and detail data for recognize the herb effortlessly

– You can email sickness name with herbs to your loved ones.

– Manage top picks for malady/herbs

– You can impart the sickness and herbs related to that ailment on FB


1. It would be ideal if you utilize these herbs under doctors assent on the off chance that you are not acquainted with Herbal mending.

2. Try not to utilize any of these herbs in the event that you are or you think you may be pregnant.

3. Youngsters ought to utilize natural cures just with the assent of your doctor. By no means do home grown cures supplant a doctors care – Herbs are substitute characteristic assets for mending.

What’s New

1) Added Note Functionality for chose Herbs

2) Added 25 new Herbs and 15 new Diseases

3) Minor Bug altering

Adaptation 2.2:

1) Added more Hurbs and cures

2) bug altered.

This application has NO notices

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