HD Camera Pro v1.9.0 download apk

HD Camera Pro v1.9.0 download apk

Prerequisites: Android O/S : 3.2+

Review: HD Camera Pro” is a camera application composed straightforward and natural!

“HD Camera Pro” is a camera application outlined basic and instinctive.

All photograph sizes are accessible in the Pro form.

It has valuable components like the quiet shade mode that is brisk and simple to-use in any scenes, the spot AF, and the persistent AF.

You can check the operation and elements of the application in free form.


– Silent screen

– Spot center

– Spot photometry

– Continuous AF

– Shooting Mode : Shake Reducing

– Shooting Mode : Timer

– Shooting Mode : Interval

– Continuous shooting

– Guidelines

– Effect settings

– Flash

– Zoom change

– Exposure change

– White parity settings

– Scene settings

– Photo quality settings

– Add GPS information

– Photo size settings

– ISO settings

– Anti-Banding settings

– Save Settings (Phone/microSD)

– Theme Color settings

– Scan QR Code

[Permission Description]

The consent that is utilized for the “HD Camera Pro” is in no way, shape or form be utilized for any reason other than to execute the application capacities.

Consent things and the motivation behind utilization are as per the following.

[Device & application history]

At the point when the presentation introduction is exchanging, then it is utilized as a part of request to restart subsequent to getting the data that the application itself has been as of now wrapped up.


It is utilized when the GPS informations are allowed to the photographs you shoot.


It is utilized to spare taken photographs.


It is utilized to take pictures.


Spot Auto Focus, Spot metering, Continuous Autofocus, Effect, Flash, ISO affectability setting, Anti Flicker setting …these are good with most terminals yet there are additionally some that does not bolster them.

The Effect won’t be reflected while utilizing the front camera.

Some terminals are not supporting the White parity setting and a portion of the Scene settings.

[Notes to each “HD Camera Pro” users]

In the event that the application crashes , please send the accident report.

In the event that there is no report , we are not ready to notice that an accident happens at a specific terminal.

We will do the fix overhaul promptly on report arrived.

On the off chance that you have any bug reports, remarks, demands or inquiries, please get in touch with us from the “bug reports and assessments” that is in the application.

Because of a matter on the framework, we can not replay you in the audit segment of Google Play. We are exceptionally sad yet please get in touch with us by email. Much appreciated.


– Ver1.8.0

Execution change.

This application has no promotions

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