Gothic 2 Download for PC

Gothic 2 Gold Edition - GOG

Gothic 2 Gold Edition – GOG

Gothic 2 Gold Edition – GOG

This PC version of the game Gothic 2 as a game (RPG (Role Playing Game in 2002 for the PC platform by Piranha Bytes and published by Atari. This game originally released in 2002 in Germany but since, through about 1 year after the publication in America as mentioned, the action role-playing game, and this version as a continuation of the first version of the game collection of very old Tmanhay said time is that a lot of medieval monsters and witches live in the forests and deserted places throughout the game a lot of places you will see that a lot has changed And.bray example, towns and villages that remain abandoned only of their bodies and castles and left or frozen everywhere where for various reasons. One of the places that during the game it will reject or where you surf city of Khorinis is full of beautiful farm, but in this city there are many magicians that makes this city a great war waged by the people suffer and face food shortages is even worse when more assets in the hands of a small number of the people are wrong doers. 3 God accepts people of this city Darnd.1-god of water and fire god is good, the next Adanos God Innos Dard.3- name Beliar is the god of darkness and evil. the game tells the story beautifully. Also with the meta 79 of 100 proved itself as a good company with good reception this game was forced to sell different versions of the series published in the following years. not even been able 9 out of 10 of the take Steam It’s great that the game is not very high due to outdated graphics but the story and the music and the gameplay is so attractive that the graphics do not look! the game is old, but there the facilities in the this title Today’s games have them: cooking, making war like swords and bows and arrows Across, upgrade your equipment, open the locks floors, hunting and the version that we have today to provide you with the fullest version of the game is also the Night of the Raven expansion now download game Gothic 2 PC version.

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98 / Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
Memory: 256 MB Ram or higher
Graphics: 3D graphics card with 32 MB Ram
DirectX®: 8.1
Hard Drive: 4 GB
Sound: DirectX compatible

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