Fruit Ninja Download for PC

Fruit Ninja Download for PC
Fruit Ninja Download for PC

If you remember several versions of the game Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja download on the soft side and for different devices such as the iPhone and Android have been. But today the game is fully three-dimensional computer have prepared. Fruit Ninja game and fantasy is familiar names that you like a real ninja must quickly and too fast and using the sword to slice fruits. The game is played in two modes Time Trial and a privilege to be earned points by hitting fruits in the air and on the get the most points will earn maximum points. In this game you must have a high intelligence and can act quickly and with very high speed and caustic slice fruit that is thrown into the air and collect in this game should be aware of the fruit are bombs beware lest they mistakenly toss this bomb explode. This game is very fun and one of the best-selling and most popular game is and always has been one of the 10 best-selling games.
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