Flyme Music v6.1.02 [Mod]


Requiere Android 5.0 o superior.

The Chinese flyme Music App is the best music app i have ever used.

We can stream songs onlineK
Downloading the music is the easiest task their
I’m thinking ,never to switch to G or IN Flyme Version

RADIO contains all the songs of all the geners
We get options like
Mood , styles , constellation etc

Mod Info by OsitKP:
Fixed package.
Now it is working and not Flyme firmware.
It’s funny that 5.1 only shows local music, and 6.0 and more online.
When testing revealed the following:
On one device (6.0.1) running both versions, on the other (5.1 and 6.0) is only a version.
So I spread the two (different versions of system libraries Flaim).

Para Android 6.0 o superior:

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