Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Full v6.3.4.1 download apk

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Full v6.3.4.1 download apk

Prerequisites: 4.0+

Diagram: Fleksy is another, progressive console, fueled by patent pending innovation that makes writing on any gadget quick, exact thus simple you can sort without looking.

Fleksy is the quickest console on the planet. Beautiful and delightful writing, so agreeable you can even sort without looking. Attempt the console that broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for speediest writing (May 2014)!

★ ”It changed from Swiftkey and Swype… So quick, basic and solid.”

★ ”Emojis work awesome on Facebook and Twitter!”

★ ”…killer content forecast that works with even the sloppiest of composing.” – TIME.com


Appreciate more than 600 emoji in the palm of your hand. (Meets expectations with Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger/Snapchat/Twitter and every one of your favs)

Brilliant THEMES

Convey what needs be and your style by redoing your console. Have an inclination that switching things up a bit? Change your topic! Investigate some of Fleksy’s lively, lovely shading topics and console styles.

Unfathomable AUTOCORRECT

Wrong letter? Messy writing? Don’t worry about it! Fleksy will recognize what word you intended to sort regardless of the fact that you mis-sort each letter. This keen console doesn’t simply take a gander at the letters you squeeze, it takes a gander at the example you tap to comprehend what you intended to sort. Sort dependably, sort past forecast.


Tired of squeezing delete? Swipe left anyplace to blaze quick word-by-word erase. Wrong autocorrect? Simply swipe down anyplace to change the word! Fleksy’s motions boost writing speed and solace, making writing as basic as on your portable PC.


Customize Fleksy to meet your screen space needs with various design choices. Fleksy’s motion framework permits you to minimize the console or even make it imperceptible and see 100% of your screen.


Track your details, expert writing without looking and share your accomplishments through My Badges! Gather 30 identifications like “Imperceptible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, and “Ruler of Keyboards” to open new topics and styles!


Fleksy alters further to your composition style through My Fleksy Cloud administration. Educate Fleksy how you compose by connecting your email and interpersonal organizations, then reinforcement and match up flawlessly over your gadgets.

Cheerful TYPING!


• English (US)

• English (UK)

• English (AU)

• English (CA)

• Spanish (ES)

• Spanish (US)

• Spanish (Latin American Spanish)

• Portuguese (BR)

• French

• French (CA)

• German

• Italian

• Arabic

• Hungarian

• Dutch

• Portuguese

• Slovakian

• Swedish

• Turkish

• Czech

• Russian

• Bulgarian

• Danish

• Greek

• Malaysian

• Macedonian

• Romanian

• Catalan

• Estonian

• Hebrew

• Croatian

• Lithuanian

• Latvian

• Norwegian

• Slovenian

• Albanian

• Serbian

• Tagalog

Vote in favor of your dialect at http://languages.fleksy.com

Dialects with the most votes will be discharged speedier!

In light of your criticism we’re taking a shot at:

• Bahasa Indonesia

• Polish


Set to your inclination: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak, Fleksy underpins every one of them.


Fleksy does not gather any individual information without your express authorization. We consider security important.

The notice message that says Fleksy may have the capacity to gather “all the content you write, including individual information like passwords and Mastercard numbers” is an Android’s piece working framework that shows up when any outsider console is empowered.

Glad Typing!




★ We are returning back to address a crash that is as yet influencing a few clients. On the off chance that you are as yet encountering the accident in the wake of overhauling, please tell us at support@fleksy.com.

FULL Version Unlocked

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