Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro v0.6.6


Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro v0.6.6
Requirements: 4.3+ | ROOT | Xposed Framework
Overview: IMPORTANT• Requires Xposed Framework • Works ONLY with Android 4.3.x – 5.0.x

• Supports only SAMSUNG, HTC, LG, ASUS, SONY, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI and maybe several some other known brands, any other noname devices I’m not supporting because they all have different system changes, so I haven’t time to support all devices

If something doesn’t work for you, I need 2 things from your phone:
• Enable “Logging” in my module >> reboot >> wait several minutes >> give me your logs
• Give me framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk, but if you have odexed ROM I also need SystemUI.odex file and zipped all framework dir

— Change data indicator 4 free themes
— Change Wi-Fi indicator 4 free themes
— Change battery indicator 3 free themes
— Change carrier label style
— Change clock style
— Change position of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock & carrier label left, center, right

— Change data indicator > 20 themes
— Change Wi-Fi indicator > 20 themes
— Change battery indicator > 20 themes
— Change bluetooth indicator 3 themes
— Change alarm indicator 7 themes
— Change sound indicator 8 themes
— Change location indicator 6 themes


ver. 0.6.6
— added ability to change position of bluetooth, alarm, sound & location indicators
— changed stock wifi & data indicators into custom in notification drawer
— rewritten and optimized code in attempt to improve performancePRO features Unlocked

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