Feem 3.0.4 Full Version Download for PC

Feem 3.0.4 Cracked Full Version

Feem-3.0.4 Cracked Full Version

Feem 3.0.4 Full Version Download for Windows
Feem 3.0.4 Cracked Download PCDownloadZ


Faster transfer speeds slow and frustrating transfer speed, useful to you Dropbox, iCloud, or e-mail? FEEM immediately send a file from one device to another without passing through the Internet.
This saves you time, network bandwidth and money.

Ensure privacy There is a dirty little secret. Governments can illegally obtained files you store on the Internet. With Feem, no company, no government, not even Feem creator can access your files when you move from one device to another. This is because, transfer files through your nearby FEEM, never less than ‘cloud’.

Zero limits for your device. Your Wi-Fi. Your rules.
WhatsApp can only send low-quality pictures and does not allow you to send those pictures to your computer. Dropbox you can limit the size of the data transfer for free. Bluetooth is too slow.
These limits are bored with FEEM, transmit an unlimited number of PDF documents, any time, any size, any device, immediately. All free.

Enjoy chat and local file transfers. Without Internet. Without cables.

Feem is the best new way to magically share your awesome pictures, videos, and documents with others around you.

Feem uses WiFi and a little bit of magic to provide the easiest way for you to share your files between your iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad, Mac or Linux devices.

Using Feem To Send Files From Android To Windows 8.1

To send files from your smartphone to the PC, first check in the smartphone app that the connection is working. When you start the app the personal wifi is on text should be displayed in the top part.

Now select what kind of files you want to send: you can choose between photos (it displays all the pictures on your smartphone), music (it shows all the music files), apps (shows all the installed apps on your smartphone) and all files (this lets you browse all kinds of files on the smartphone).

When you have selected the appropriate tab, tick the checkbox near the file or files you want to send. In the case of photos the checkboxes select whole directories (based on the date the photos were taken). In order to select individual pictures, just . tap on them Here, we have selected three photos:

Next, hit the Send button in the bottom right.

Now a screen is displayed with all the devices connected to the smartphone’s portable hotspot that run the Feem app. You can select multiple devices if you want to.

Next, tap the Send button again.

On the Windows PC the Feem app will display a window showing that the files have transferred successfully.

Using Feem To Send Files From Windows To Android

Now let’s do things the other way around and send some files from the Windows PC to the Android smartphone. When you start the Windows app you will instantly see the smartphone to which you have previously connected if it has Feem running as well. Tick its checkbox to let Feem know you want to send files to this device.

Next, click the Send button in the bottom right corner and click send files to select some files to be sent, or send folder to send a whole directory.

Here, we have chosen to send some files. In the next screen browse for and select the files you want to be sent and click Open to send them. We selected three pictures.

On the Android smartphone you will see in Feem that the files have transferred successfully.

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