Fallout 2 Download for PC

Fallout 2 Download for PC

Fallout 2 Download for PC

Fallout 2 Download Direct Link

Game Fallout 2 is a game in the style of Action (Role-playing, open world) is. This game company Black Isle Studios Interplay Entertainment Corporation in 1998 and was its publisher. In 2241, Arroyo suffered the worst drought in its history when it was. At the height of the drought chief of the children of V (cave), also known as favorites, to find Jack’s mission (Garden construction kit) for Arroyo to accomplish. Jack means by which the ruins of post-disaster into a thriving and dynamic cities.

recommended system:

CPU: Pentium ™ 120 (MHz) or faster
OS: Windows (R) 95/98 / NT SP3 Only
HDD: 150 MB hard disk space
Resolution: Graphics Resolution: 640×480 Color Depth: 256 Colors
DX: DirectX 9.0c

Download: Click Here

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