Facetune v1.0.10 Patched download apk


Facetune v1.0.10 Patched download apk
Prerequisites: Android 4.1+,

Diagram: Every photograph could utilize a touch up.

• Retouch and add masterful energy to selfies and representations!

• Download now and accomplish magazine-level photographs today!

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Each photograph could utilize a touch up. That is the reason magazines use costly, convoluted apparatuses like Photoshop to make individuals look great. Be that as it may, now, there’s Facetune! Facetune gives simple to-utilize, intense apparatuses (already saved just for the experts) to correct and idealize each photograph or selfie, making every one appear as though it came straight out of a high-mold magazine. Presently you can make certain that every one of your pictures indicate just the best form of you – whether you’ll be utilizing them for your expert profile or basically imparting online to companions. In a world continually turning out to be more visual, putting your best face forward has never been more imperative!

Acclaims about Facetune:

• “Facetune assists you with looking your Hollywood best, even in photographs tackled cell telephones.” – Roy Furchgott, The NY Times

• “I have been truly awed with the patch quality FaceTune does. You get practically a Photoshop altering occupation in the palm of your hand.†– Allyson Kazmucha, iMore

• “Facetune puts Photoshop-like correcting capacities at the masses’ fingertips.” – Victoria Taylor, New York Daily News

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What can Facetune accomplish for you?

Flawless SMILES

• Widen or refine your grin

• Whiten and light up your teeth

Lovely SKIN

• Smooth and restore your skin

• Remove impermanent defects like pimples and flaws

• Brighten dark circles under your eyes

Infiltrating EYES

• Emphasize your eyes for an infiltrating look

• Change your eye shading

• Remove red and white-eye impacts


• Turn back time and shading over silver hair

• Fill uncovered patches

• Remove stray hairs


• Refine jaw lines

• Heighten cheek bones and foreheads

• Reshape your nose

• Enlarge or psychologist a particular range of the picture

• Totally change your face into outsider or other fun shapes


• Apply any shade of redden and eyeshadow

• Add volume to your lashes and shape your foreheads

• Add shading to your lips

• Add power to your normal lip shading


• Focus the photograph on you, by defocusing or obscuring the foundation

• Improve lighting or include embellishments

• Create altered channels

• Add one of a kind surfaces and adjustable edges

• Rotate the picture

• Flip to the photograph to its mirror picture


• Add creative touches to make your photograph you’re claim

• Customizable channels can be connected to the whole photograph or to particular zones


• Instantly impart your altered photographs to your companions & family through online networking or email

Simple AND FUN

• Compare your work with the first photograph at all times, one tap

• Having inconvenience? Facetune offers enlightening realistic and feature help screens for every element

Try not to hold up! Get Facetune today and make those astonishing picture photographs and selfie pics you’ve constantly ne

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