Extreme Call Blocker v30. Patched download apk

Extreme Call Blocker v30. Patched download apk

Necessities: 4.0 and up

Outline: Extreme Call Blocker is the most far reaching and top rated Call, SMS, and MMS blocking, sifting and protection application on the Play store.


* The best call and message oversee application in play store, no root needed

* The main message blocking application that chips away at Kitkat (Android 4.4)

* 4 years and > 10,000 download and as yet making strides.

* Message App designers: in the event that you are keen on making your application work with the blocker application, please email us.

* Settings reset issue altered.

Download complete regulated aide at http://a0softus.com/…rUserManual.pdf

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– Password secured

– Backup/Restore to/from SD card or Dropbox cloud administration, won’t lose your numbers and messages when you uninstall and reinstall , or switch telephones.

– Option to naturally eradicate every single blocked call from your telephone’s call log, every single blocking occasion are spared in the application’s blocking history log, and can be messaged out from the telephone.

– Support four approaches to piece a call:

* Send to phone message: no screen streak if number is additionally in your contact

* Answer-and-hang up: keep the guest from abandoning you any phone message, no voice message and no miss call warning.

* Mute the ring just: guest will hear the typical ring and afterward voice message, you don’t hear anything.

* Block active calls: Ideal in the event that you give the telephone to kids and don’t need them to call numbers you don’t need them to call.

– Six approaches to square SMS (Text just message):

* Blocked and eradicated

* Blocked and spared in the blocking history log, can be seen, altered and answered from the blocking history log.

* Blocked and cover up in the private sms box, can be seen, altered and answered just by you, from the private sms box.

* Auto answer just without blocking, utilization as an auto content responder.

* Block in light of message substance, with substance channel

* Auto forward the message to another number.

– Block MMS (messages with connection, picture,music…):

* MMS deleted before got.

* Auto answer just without blocking

– Build-in private sms box:

* Hide private SMS messages, message might be spared in private letter box, not anyplace else

* Password secured.

* LED just notice of new private message, pick your own particular LED shading.

* Calls to/from private recorded numbers will naturally be deleted from telephone’s call log, and signed in the private sms box. No hint of approaches the telephone from private numbers.

* Concealed section to private sms box

* Remote clear: clear the letter box remotely on the off chance that your telephone is lost or in undesirable hands

* Auto time out to close the letter box

* Shake telephone to close the letter box , so no one can sneak up on you

* Invisible new message gadget just shows up when there is new private message.

* Mail box auto shut when telephone screen turns off.

– 4 approaches to modify blocking :

* Black rundown: Add individual numbers to be obstructed, every number can be hindered in distinctive ways, bolster clocks to square taking into account day, hour and moment. Likewise piece UNKNOWN, PRIVATE or other limited numbers, and choice to square all numbers not in contact book. Use special case match to hinder a range code. Choice to send auto instant message answer to blocked calls and messages.

* Blocking profile: setup blocking profiles, in every profile setup sms blocking and call blocking options,then add the same number of numbers to the profile as you need, without the need to setup hindering for every number. Bolster special case coordinating of telephone numbers, can undoubtedly hinder all numbers from a territory code , or 800, 877, and so forth.

* Contact Groups Blocking: Add all numbers you need to square to a Google contact group,and obstruct all numbers in the contact bunch on the double, bolster hindering on logbook plan.

* White rundown: setup no-blocking rundown for calls you would prefer not to miss..



•Bug fix: settled content shading issue when add number to boycott or white rundown

•Bug fix: settled issue when adding the blocker application to notice access list on Lollipop


•Bug fix: altered an issue with App setting off telephone’s inward blocking

•Bug fix: altered an issue where blocked call not eradicated from call log

•Bug fix: altered an accident issue when stacking pictures

•New highlight: added a choice to permit private post box remains focused when blocker is killed

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