Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro Free License Code


Get license for Easeus Todo PCTrans 8 which is a data migration utility which offers easiest way possible to transfer data between two operating system.

Never lose your data and programs when you install a new operating system. All of your pictures, documents, music, programs and other files are taken care by Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro which not only transfers the saved data but also the settings and data for all the applications with or without network.

Easeus Todo PCTrans free version can only move two applications but with Easeus Todo PCTrans PRO, unlimited files can be transferred between two systems.

The program must be installed on both computer before making the transfer. Make sure all security applications are turned off as they might be a hindrance in the transfer process. There’s not much in the program as it has a simple to the point interference. It automatically identifies the files and applications that are compatible and transferable. Users can manually select/edit the applications which they want or don’t want to be transferred. The edit application box shows the file name, it’s size and it’s compatibility with the receiving host.

Overall Easeus Todo PCTrans is nice utility for transferring the data inbetween the computers. An extremely simple and arduous less application to use, It doesn’t consume much of processor but somehow eats alot of RAM. If somehow the transfer process is halted, i can be resumed again without any data loss. Doesn’t comes with much features but servers the purpose really well.

Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro Free License Code

Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro is a shareware software which costs $49.95 per license for each user but now freesharewares has partnered with Easeus to bring out a giveaway for this amazing product. The giveaway will last for 24 Hours via which every can get a free copy of PRO version:

To receive the free license for Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro, follow these steps :

1. Download Easeus Todo PCTrans Pro | 4.67 MB

2. Visit the giveaway page and enter your name and email.

3. Check your mail for free license, activate using received key.

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