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DU Battery Saver is the most complete and best battery optimization software for Android phones is that it can largely using your mobile phone’s battery consumption reduction and thus more time to use it .

Features of DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets :
  • Fast optimization to reduce energy consumption
  • Ability to define different modes for storage
  • Intelligent energy storage
  • Reduce CPU power consumption by reducing the frequency of processing (requires root)
  • Show the charge with stunning widget
  • View energy consumption by hardware and programs and their management
  • View the usage graphs
  • Show All specifications Battery charging time
You may have heard that the programs are offered in optimized battery life when using their mobile phone, allowing you to save battery power. But sometimes it happens that many of these applications actually doing anything useful not only for warmth market talk is that users are attracted towards them.But this time we intend to introduce software that DU Battery Saver can actually do and largely reduce battery consumption.
DU Battery Saver program can turn off or reduce those activities that do not have them, something that reduces battery consumption. In fact, this program can be found on sectors such as screen brightness, active management and make data and Wi-Fi phone is not activated anything without a reason, and if it is activated, it shuts down. DU Battery Saver program can create profiles that use it in whatever situation you quickly turn that profile. For example, you can when you are away from home, a profile that is automatically enabled WiFi phone is off, or when you are indoors, GPS will automatically turn off your phone.
DU Battery Saver program is also able to provide useful information about the battery, the battery charge and the remaining battery using graphs and widgets are very nice to you so that you can display on their mind management.

What’s New

Version Updates:

1. Informative detection of power problems to Prolong battery life more Prompts.better.
2. Improved more details.
3. Bugs fixed.

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