DroidMote Server v3.6.9 download apk

DroidMote Server v3.6.9 download apk

Prerequisites: 4.0+ Lucky Patcher or Google Play Mod

Diagram: Android to Android Wifi Remote Control Server.


Android to Android Wifi Remote Control Server.

Control your Android gadget from the solace of your love seat.

This is the server part and must be introduced on the Android gadget you need to control. Besides, with DroidMote, you can utilize all the multitouch applications and diversions, even on gadgets that don’t have the touch screen (e.g. a TV!).

The customer is a free android application: “DroidMote Client”.

☆ For F.A.Q.s and similarity visit this page:


☆ For Support, directions and Windows and Linux Servers:


Consideration: The uinput module is needed. A ton of Android gadgets as of now have this module of course, yet everybody can have it. Perused the FAQ, before purchasing or putting a negative vote, or contact the designer to fathom your problems,through the discussion or with an email. DroidMote work exceptionally well additionally on MK802, you should just introduce the new firmware with uinput inside (read the FAQ). This variant is perfect with ARM gadgets, for X86 rendition ask the engineer.

Enormous NEWS !!

☆ You can control your Linux machine with DroidMote Server for Linux (free).

☆ And now DroidMote Server for Windows (free)

DroidMote recreates genuine gadgets in the Android framework, other programming available are only a remote custom console IME. Be careful with impersonations. DroidMote is the one and only with two simple controls, mouse and accelerometer information as the third simple control. Recreations that bolster a genuine gamepad perceive DroidMote as a genuine gadget. In the event that you don’t have a switch, no issue. You can set up an association point to point between the two gadgets with the capacity Tethering/compact hotspot of your gadget. (you needn’t bother with bluetooth, the bluetooth is moderate and cover little separations)


[✔] Remote Mouse

[✔] Remote Multitouch Touchpad

[✔] Two Fingers Scroll Rotate Zoom

[✔] Remote Keyboard

[✔] Remote Mediaplayer

[✔] Remote Dpad

[✔] Remote Multitouch Gamepad

[✔] Remote Multiaxis Joystick with accelerometer information

[✔] Supports different telephones all the while.

[✔] Two virtual simple stick

[✔] Touch copying permits you to guide catches and simple adheres to the screen. Play all your most loved recreations with full simple bolster, even those without implicit controller backing!

[✔] TouchMouse for diversions that not bolster a genuine mouse

[✔] Voice correspondence with android console

[✔] Gesture writing with android 4.2 console

[✔] Receives Hardware Controller orders from DroidMote Client

Cautioning: If DroidMote Server doesn’t chip away at your tablet is simply because you don’t have the uinput module stacked in the bit (SOLVABLE). In the event that you don’t have this module DroidMote Server doesn’t work, as well as numerous others great projects and outside gadgets. 96% of Android gadgets particularly each one of those with a bluetooth module, have as of now as a matter of course this module, and there are no issues. Some Android gadgets don’t have the uinput module of course, particularly the ALLWINNER A10, yet it is anything but difficult to discover it and burden it. I have actually aggregated and disseminated by means of the F.A.Q. a few modules (uinput.ko) for the A10 ALLWINNER gadgets. However, in the event that you have a decent ROM DroidMote lives up to expectations gloriously with no extra activity.

Included committed catch for settings for Android TV 5.1 on the grounds that in this OS you can’t tap on fantastic menu catch.

Enhanced starup of the server. Presently you ought not have any more slips in the first keep running because of absence of web association

This application has no commercials

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