Download Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Free Download

Download Prince of Persia 4 [PC Game Full Version Direct Link]
Download Prince of Persia 4 [PC Game Full Version Direct Link]

At the request of users of today’s awesome game Prince of Persia 4 PC we have to. Prince of Persia series of games will always remain one of the most memorable games. This was the source of some of the world’s greatest game Assassins’s Creed, which was originally scheduled for Prince of Persia: Assassin’s Creed will be available. This series is one of the oldest games, the first version was released in 1989, at which time one of the biggest and best video games of the time.
This game is in the hands of many companies, and many improvements to the eye and the great company and great Ubisoft game to own the building to offer a version of the series Prince of Persia in a dream, and the Assassin’s Creed payment . This version of Prince of Persia story has nothing to do earlier and earlier versions are not completely separated. It follows the story of a gambler you stray and you wish to allocate more of their time on worthless things. But you have a gambling winnings, and almost all his life and fortune to get fathers and day journey home but you, because you are playing sandstorm is lost and you are scrambling to find it to chance better or more misery on to you. You will see a girl who is fleeing soldiers followed him, and save your girl and you’re away. But it was not the daughter of the king of that region than someone who ran away from home because her father crackdowns. When the news reached the ears of the king, according to the news, they must destroy the tree with her daughter to see him do that, unaware of the whole world yard to destroy and the kill the almost. The game has good graphics and well mixed with the dry desert sand of dead blood and the best part is immersed in a air. The game has a wide variety of gameplay and can be traced all the killers in the cult series. Parkour game design is very unique and beautiful and you are absolutely incredible, and it’s sometimes nice to do Parkour fiction. game campaign is not like any game released. For example, you can hit play and their special techniques shredded and his power to prove them. In addition, you can play in the war and bloodshed, and certainly Parkour secrecy also do much more to help you. The gameplay is based on the martial and find puzzles as well. But finally this franchise to a break up with the progress of incredible, and it allowed the series Ft Assassin’s Creed also born and we after 2010 after the release of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands no prescription Ubisoft did not participate in the series is quiet and still. You now have full crack version of Prince of Persia 4 game for PC.
Required Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: ENG
File Size: 5.64 GB

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