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Bullet sms a latest social messaging app developed by a chinese tech company Beijing Kuairu Technology Co., Ltd. Bullet sms is one of latest and much efficient chat messenger developed on the mechanism of combining voice and text which enables you to make your information as easy as possible.
Bullet SMS supports platforms such as Android, iOS, Web, Wap, and Smartisan TNT Station. In most scenarios, You can enjoy bullets to bring An efficient communication experience. It also supports multi-device simultaneous login and message synchronization.

It is Called Bullet because of swiftness of it’s services, due to it’s specialized in instant voice messaging which enables users to communicate in short audio clips.
The app instantly transcribes audio into a text message and sends the text along with the voice clip, leaving a visible record of the conversation.
Bullet sms has streamlined the process of transcription feature, too, but the user has to choose to
transcribe each message.i.e. its human-like interactions, ‘remind me later’ organizer, and most importantly its built-in integrated speech-to-text (automatic transcription)
The bullet sms messenger defines it feature in following words Powerful global hovering ball, intimate post-processing mechanism, convenient reference reply and many other optimization functions give you an efficient chat experience.

Features and Permission Information of Bullet messenger
Review sensitive log data, Full network access ,View network connections
· View WLAN connections , Connect to WLAN networks and disconnects , Change network connectivity , Read content from your USB storage device , Modify or delete your USB Content in the storage device , Precise location (based on GPS and network)
· Approximate location (network based)
· Get ​​additional location information provider commands, Read phone status and identity
· Take photos and videos , Record , Pair with Bluetooth devices , Access Bluetooth settings
· Retrieve running apps, Control flash, Control vibration , Change system display settings ,Change your audio settings , Modify system settings
· Disable screen lock, & Prevent your phone from sleeping.
· com.smartisanos.ime.permission.EMOJI_VIEW
· com.bullet.messenger.permission.MIPUSH_RECEIVE
· Display content on top of other apps
· com.bullet.messenger.permission.RECEIVE_MSG
· com.smartisan.permission.ACCOUNT_CENTER
· com.meizu.flyme.push.permission.RECEIVE
· com.bullet.messenger.push.permission.MESSAGE
· com.meizu.c2dm.permission.RECEIVE
· com.bullet.messenger.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
· com.bullet.messenger.permission.FLASHIM_CONTACT

· android.permission.UPDATE_APP_BADGE
· Human body sensors (such as heart rate detectors)
· android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES
· .permission.READ_SETTINGS
· com.sonyericsson.home.permission.BROADCAST_BADGE
· com.sonymobile.home.permission.PROVIDER_INSERT_BADGE
· com.majeur.launcher.permission.UPDATE_BADGE
· .launcher.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
· android.permission.READ_APP_BADGE
· com.oppo.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
· com.oppo.launcher.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
· me.everything.badger.permission.BADGE_COUNT_READ
· me.everything.badger.permission.BADGE_COUNT_WRITE

Features of Bullet Messenger / Bullet Sms App
* Reference reply function: Any port supports the reference reply function, so that the chat process is no longer unclear and refuses inefficient communication.
* Friends with non-bullet SMS users can also easily communicate: Users send bullet messages to friends in the phone address book, and will automatically retrieve the SMS rights of the mobile phone. Even if the other party does not download bullet messages, they can easily reply to chat.
* Historical avatar and “Who is this coming?”: Each user’s homepage of Bullet SMS will display the historical avatars that have been used to their friends, and can also see the first conversation record with the buddy to help the user. Looking back, who is this?

    Download Latest Version Bullet Sms / Bullet messenger For Android
    下载 子弹短信 版
    Bullet SMS apk 版

    Download Bullet SMS well known as Bullet messenger iOS version
    Xiàzài Bullet SMS zuòwéi Bullet messenger iOS bǎnběn
    Bullet Sms iOS 子弹短信

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