Diablo 1 Download for PC

Diablo 1 Download Direct Link

Diablo 1 Download Direct Link

Diablo 1 Download Direct Link

In the past many RPG games were released for the PC were also very persistent. One of the best games in the genre of role-playing Diablo old that a lot of players, including I introduced this style. The second criticism the classic game Diablo 1 went on to play steady.

Satan, the devil:

The story is about evil in the name of Diablo is released by the power of hell and came down on the ground. Diablo is well known that the Lord fear to gain control of all things and wants all to come under the sway him. You get to play as an adventurer and trying to over 16 breathtaking stage with Diablo face and her feet and start playing habitually in relation to good and evil, to destroy evil and save the world . The game includes four classes, including warrior, pirate, witch and Berberian, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Most new Chinju turned to the class because it was less difficult than the other classes. The Barbarian class is a class that was hidden in the expansion Diablo: Hell Fire there. The game did not go as expected and it looks good players and good things come to an end and symbols champion in the final battle to defeat Diablo and soul in a and take it with keeps the rocky’s imprisonment sequence the final version of the new second story of the disaster players to realize and find that the demon has returned to earth once again, but this time the devil for the devil enters.

Believe me, this scene is scary!

Satan impressive at a glance:

At the time of the game’s 16 years ago by Blizzard North has excellent graphics work and in the corner next to the game without the details, and it was not possible that someone seeing the game does not delighted! Dark Wood personally to the environment was very memorable. Tbhrhay Blizzard to create a fascinating cinematic scenes in the game Diablo after the end of each Act as a reward for cinematic opening scene, which in itself was very nice and pleasant. Diablo character design is really striking was also a demon and even with the passage of more than 10 years still hear the name Diablo-looking and charismatic players in mind, he closes the.

Cried the devil:

Sandtrak playing Diablo 3 version of the game is very beautiful in the preparation of the first version, but a lot of players with a series of music especially first-Trystam Sandtrak environment and the fight against Diablo in final stage are very memorable. Music for the game was written by Mr. Matt Uelmen and in 2011 as “Music in the fifteenth year of the People’s Memorial Diablo” was published. Once again revived memories with this game.

Infinite power or a limited power of Satan ?:

The gameplay is addictive Diablo 1 with the passage of years again and someone who is familiar with the game and its absorption is impossible not to surf in the crypt of the game. The game has 3 Act that the Act must do more detailed missions to finish the Act. The mission also includes immortal and killing monsters or finding objects or save some humans are. In general, the game is very diverse missions and immediately after the end of each stage, players will be encouraged to get another mission. In the game with every new feature can be enabled or improve balance can be paid to improving current skills. In general, you have a choice to improve your character in an RPG game at the time, so this was a bold move and will take time. Also find new items to discover its secrets must scroll item identification (Identify), do it now, otherwise it may be too powerful an item found on defense, but you know yourself and then throw it away !

One of the best makeup for the women’s class

Play Diablo 1 was published in 1996 by GameSpot’s Game of the Year awards in the same year it won and so today meta game is more than 9 out of 10. The beautiful game is to all those who want to become familiar with role-playing games would recommend. Although the third edition of the game was released a few months ago, but unfortunately not crack the game entirely and suffers from many problems.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed: 60 MHz
RAM Required: 8 MB
Hard Disk Space: 55 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
Color Depth: 256 Colors

Download: Click Here

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