Deus Ex Invisible War Download for PC

Deus Ex Invisible War - GOG

Deus Ex Invisible War – GOG

Deus Ex Invisible War – GOG

Deus Ex Invisible War is an action genre made by the studio Ion Storm studio Square Enix has released the game for the PC platform. About 20 years after the events of Deus Ex story of the game world is recovering from a depression Fajy chaos in this era of improved political and religious factions were many who tried to implement its own policy in the new era. They are trying to correct the integrity of the human race to form the next decade. In this technology are notorious always have to destroy the world. Dynamic and innovative environment Deus Ex Invisible War created a new genre of reality is in a video game. Environmental changes caused by human technology has been added to the available capabilities including the ability to see objects have been through walls, jumping into the air up to 40 feet, restore the damaged of the body and invisible is the latest. The game has a variety of environments, and in the three main cities Seattle, Antarctica, and Cairo is underway. Varied gameplay the game Deus Ex Invisible War has caused a variety of ways to destroy the enemy is in front of you. Linear and non-linear story brought to you with the freedom that comes with a completely different and varied gameplay that can entertain you for hours its own.

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Processor: Pentium IV, 1.3GHz (Or AMD Athlon XP equivalent)
Memory: 256 MB System RAM
Graphics: 128MB 3D Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 2GB free uncompressed hard drive space (additional space may be necessary for saved games)

Download: Click Here

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