Deadlight Download for PC

Deadlight Download for PC
Deadlight Download for PC

Deadlight game by studio Tequila Works and Microsoft Studios made a 2. 5D that look like like Shadow Complex game involves players other than the one story that can be found with which the stranger. The story at first may seem cliché, since it is about a character named Randall Wayne (Randall Wayne) is looking for his family and wants to save it. Play in Seattle and occurs in the ’80s. In this game you can see again that the world is destroyed by zombies and have no sense of civilization and law. The wild and dangerous game that many people harbor different risks that threaten at any moment. Randall, who is a police officer, to follow his family to Seattle comes to rescue them with a group of survivors in a hidden place, but zombies in this game of shadows (Shadow) said There, they attack and Randall path separated from his group. He alone will foot the dangerous path that death is lurking around it.

Deadlight by Unreal Engine 3 and made one of the few games that can be built with the gaming engine and draws me to himself. Very good atmosphere in the game, and players will interact well with the mood of the game. The diversity of the game is very nice and always will play in different places, all of which are very good, with detail and have been designed differently. Quality textures for game 2. 5D is very good and even in parts of the camera gets close to the characters, their quality is preserved. The main character of the game is also very well located.
The most challenging part of the game is its gameplay. Deadlight Gameplay is very nice and attractive that can surprise you in different times and different challenges ahead of you. Parts of the platform are very good and smooth control of the game also makes the area more attractive look. The way the game is always different puzzles you will encounter which are designed to be interesting. To solve some of the puzzles in the game, you have enough time to solve the others must act quickly, because the shadows to attack you!
This has led to exciting gameplay. On the platform, players will encounter great challenges that manufacturers have made them very good. During the game always surprise you with different things and why should act quickly to get pass obstacles. Action areas of work have been interesting and cool weapons and warmth that you are given an important role during the Games and will solve many mysteries. Ammunition found in very low and therefore should be very careful in the use of firearms. The way the game is that in most cases, makes shooting more shades come to you and why are you wasting more ammunition intercepted.
Resource Description: GameRankings
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz OR Athlon XP 2000
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space
Video Card: Shader model 3.0 support, GeForce 210 or Radeon HD 6250
DirectX®: DirectX 9.0

Download Instruction:
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