DeaDBeeF Player PRO v1.33 download apk

DeaDBeeF Player PRO v1.33 download apk

Prerequisites: Varies with gadget

Diagram: Player which can play numerous record groups + online radio (shoutcast)

Player which can play numerous record groups + online radio (shoutcast)

* different playlists

* plays envelopes or particular records

* genuine gapless playback – the player doesn’t simply skip hush, it figures the exact measure of tests for every record, does test precise looking for and playback, and gives test immaculate result, much the same as CD players

* equalizer with 10 groups, it’s conceivable to make your own presets

* seeing music record labels and collection craftsmanship

* replaygain

* mix tracks and mix collections mode

* scrobbling utilizing or scrobbledroid applications

* plays numerous document designs – mp3, ogg, aac/mp4, alac/mp4, flac, primate, wv, wav, tta, mpc, sid, mod, s3m, nsf and some more

* programmed CUE support, with part pictures into tracks, and playing them gaplessly

* internet gushing radio (shoutcast/icecast)

* full unicode backing and programmed charset recognition

* 4×1 gadget (accessible as a different download, hunt down “deadbeef player gadget”

* you can pick one of three topics, Dark, Light and LCD

* deals with android 1.6 and higher f000h

* headset media catches support

* plays records with up to 192KHz examining rate, including 24 bit and multichannel documents

* backings introduce to sd


This application contains advertisements by Google. You can dispose of them by supporting the venture and purchasing DeaDBeeF Player Pro.

KNOWN ISSUES: HTC android 2.1 has a bug in frontal area administration code, which prompts unfixable faltering/skipping in music playback.


telephone state & character authorization is utilized to identify when a client acknowledges approaching call, to stop playback

sdcard access authorization is utilized to store playlists and design records

web access is for radio gushing, promotions and sending accident reports

Instructions to GET SUPPORT

if you don’t mind utilization email. composing remarks in the play store application is restricted, i have no real way to answer them.

Ace components opened

This application has no promotions

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