Dead Island: Riptide Download for PC

Dead Island: Riptide Download for PC
Dead Island: Riptide Download for PC

Dead Island: Riptide PC-RELOADED

Dead Island: Riptide PC-BLACKBOX

Dead Island is an exciting and attractive as the support and development of Techalnd mobile game studio and in September this year, published by Deep Silver label. In a word, I can say that Dead Island is a taste of death and fear as the action genre for gamers as possible be given in good version. According to the manufacturer, the new version 2 Dead Island game will not be called new version of the game Dead Island: Riptide, or Island of the Dead: The next surge of water that would be quite different. In order words, we can say that the new version as scary Deep Silver has lots of action. To see a complete review and link to read more to see the game.

If you remember previous versions of the heroes from fleeing the island by helicopter to a military ship safe and away from the zombies are joined agonizing. They’ve thought of other creatures such as zombies left and to the Yhdayt happy, but I must say that it is a new beginning and a hell macabre way.
There is a bitter fate for the heroes and their hopes to achieve happiness lose, in the waves of horror accident occurs and a herd of zombies make their way down again and the life their Champions .
The first version of the story is the story Riptide along the four main characters must go back to an island full of zombies and to save their lives placed against a herd of zombies. So which characters will die in the trap zombies and what the character of his life?
You can search and play in the great working experience, or even can, some of the parts of the boat. Zombies can be seen in all areas of the game, so they are always thinking of ways to prevent the emergence Be on your way. Always and wherever you put the weapon because without arms against zombies do not forget you as a person before you are trapped.
Aquatic environment plays an important role in transport and main missions and small play. As the name of the game during the roaring flood water is likely to flow in one of the islands archipelago and the characters give the irretrievable losses.
Aztfa engine with Chrome Engine 5, we see improved graphics and gameplay in the game. The weapons in the game, players, individual power is added to the charm of the game more and more changing, which in turn is a good thing.
Engine Chrome Engine 5 has done his job well and extra features added to the game. Character design is very beautiful and used natural good sense to pass gamers. Each of the characters have individual advantages and features, and rarely have the power of a similarity with another person.
Game environments including degraded environments are well designed. The destruction of zombies as well as possible is out of character for example, if you selected a Hdshat zombies, you’ll see that zombie blood in the body moves so attractive to the surrounding environment.
The only problem in the previous version of its fans were disappointed that the graphics again, we hope to see progress Chrome Engine 5 graphics engine in the game is not bad.
There is a lot of information on this leaked version but before we saw exceptionally beautiful sound in the game and we hope that Dead Island: Riptide in this attractive opportunity to contribute.
In previous versions Upon arrival to the island sounds of birds and sea water could be heard, which appears in this edition has been working on this very issue. In previous versions of the game character voices and dialogue in the game was well designed that the voice was filled with a special charm.
Finally, we can say that Dead Island: Riptide title that is daunting invited everyone to embrace their scary even where it has not been released yet the game is banned in Germany to the creation of some of the violence. prevent panic among people.
Games like Dead Space 3, Dead Island: Riptide, Alliance: Colonial Marines, Metro: Last Light and terrible games in development that allows us to make 2013 the year of horror for the name of the computer games.
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: 2 GHz dual core CPU, Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 1 GB of system memory
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible card with 256 MB video RAM or more. Nvidia 8000 series or AMD Radeon HD 3000 series video cards.
Operating system: Windows XP SP3
DirectX compatible sound card
HDD: 10 GB of hard drive space
recommended system:
CPU: 2.5 GHz quad core Intel or AMD processor, Core i5 or FX 8000
RAM: 2 GB / 4 GB for 64 bit OS
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card with 1 GB of RAM, Nvidia 400-series or AMD 5000-series.
Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows 8, 64 bit preferred
DirectX compatible sound card
HDD: 10 GB of hard drive space
Download Instruction:
1st- Click Download Button Bellow.
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Download: Click Here

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