Dark Material (Donate) – CM12 v105 hyaku go download apk

Dark Material (Donate) – CM12 v105 hyaku go download apk

Prerequisites: 5.0 +

Review: This subject wasn’t in view of Google’s Material Style, however was primarily affected by the “Tinted Status Bar” mod’s outcomes, where it totally made the activity bar into one melded thing.


Just to clear up, this is JUST a give rendition of my free subject accessible on the Play Store. Then again, this isn’t an important purchase – It’s only for a little signal to show gratefulness to the group. This adaptation is the very same as the free form, aside from it gets redesigned FASTER, and without the additional application in the launcher.


Welcome to the first and unique dim material UI accessible for the CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine. With this subject, you can get a handle on that Lollipop Material look whilst not blinding your eyes as you appreciate all the eyecandy activitys!


To comprehend why this topic doesn’t take after Google’s conventional “Material Dark” configuration with dull greenish blue and/or blue dim, I will quickly clarify.

This subject wasn’t taking into account Google’s Material Style, however was predominantly impacted by the “Tinted Status Bar” mod’s outcomes, where it totally made the activity bar into one melded thing. I truly enjoyed this configuration, which made the framework more negligible as it had two layers to take a gander at, as opposed to 3 (Action Bar Primary, Action Bar Primary Dark (status bar obscured shading) and the part layer (the cooperating region)). The way that I named this subject “Dull Material” over “Material Dark” was on the grounds that I needed to portray a dim, physical transformative rock – “slate”, and it’s shading. As the shading plan of this subject is fundamentally dull (dark, dim and white content), I included “Dim” before my translation of “Material” thus the title “Dim Material”. Subjects that take after Google’s Material Dark, ought to appear as “Material Dark” to guarantee consistency (see Google console settings for reference).


The topic has been overhauled to the most recent submits for January 29th. In the event that your Settings is not themed appropriately, you NEED to redesign your ROM. This topic upgrades a few times each week with better changes and components.

For direct contact with the group, please join our Google+ group! We’re not startling!: https://plus.google….8025432169285


– MAINTAINER: This topic is kept up by Nicholas, email/xda connection is connected beneath.

– SUGGESTION: Once you apply the topic. Perform a reboot! Any FC’s, simply reboot once more.

– SUGGESTION: If you need to figure out how to topic, look at my string: http://forum.xda-dev…ers.com/android… 2-t3006339

– SUGGESTION: If you are on a ROM with a symbol that is not themed inside Settings, email me.

– PROBLEM: Nova Launcher v4.0 clients, please set your card foundation to dark or else you will have dark on dark content.


– POPULAR: SystemUI/Notification Drawer not themed? This is a CM12 issue. Take after these directions to alter: on account of Manuel and Will.

– REQUEST: Any different bugs, get in touch with me (Nicholas) specifically. Try not to leave an awful evaluating if your bug is effortlessly feasible.

– WARNING: All poor scorn evaluations with no given reason will be accounted for to Google quickly.


– Must have a CM12 ROM with Theme Engine introduced and with the most recent March eighth confers.




FULL CHANGELOG: http://spam.com/27XBtm

FIRMWARES SUPPORTED: CM12 (100%), CM12.1 (100%)

ROMS WITH ICONS: CM, Cyanogen OS, Temasek, BlissPop, Fusion, Candy5, CyanideL, LiquidSmooth, Euphoria OS, Team OSE, AICP, Validus, Nameless, CarbonRom, Flex OS, Dirty Unicorns, PAC-ROM and Resurrection Remix.

What’s New

Consideration: Do not have FB Chat Re-empowering influence or ANY hacked variant of applications AND grumble about topic uninstalling – and also have Google Deskclock introduced (MUST BE COMPLETELY UNINSTALLED, NOT FROZEN). These are normal topic motor introduce issues.

Real Updates:

– Added transformed G+ overlay

– Add new QS tiles for ROMs that bolster it

– Add new relevant headers

– Fixed a huge amount of bugs

– much more…(can’t fit in this)

This fabricate is an enormous bug fix/highlight solicitation/outline change assemble. Appreciate!

This application has no commercials

More Info:


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