cSploit 1.5.3 (All Version) download apk

cSploit 1.5.3 (All Version) download apk

Prerequisites: 2.3 and up

Diagram: The most finish and propelled IT security proficient toolbox on Android.

cSploit target

My last objective is to compose an application that has the capacity:

break wifi passwords

count neighborhood has (*)

discover vulnerabilities (*)

discover endeavors for these vulnerabilities (*)

utilize those endeavors to obtain entrance to the objective (*)

introduce indirect accesses for later get to

(*) officially executed


Because of the new center, cSploit will be effectively convenient.

Essentially it can keep running on any UNIX-based framework, yet until further notice just Andorid is bolstered. When I achieve a beta-state rendition I will consider dealing with iOS, OSX, GTK+ and QT.

Add to the code

On the off chance that you need to contribute fork the repo you need to add to and make a draw demand when you’re set. In the event that you effectively add to the task I will request that you join the group.

Bolster us

It would be ideal if you give to cSploit to bolster our endeavors and assets. Much obliged to you :heart:


Subsequent to being at first made by evilsocket, I ( tux-mind ) began dealing with dSploit in summer 2012, i forked it and included the accompanying elements:

Defenselessness discoverer

Abuse discoverer

MetaSploitFramework coordination ( draft )

After a few weeks the task proprietor ( evilsocket ) requesting that I blend it to the upstream branch. At first there spoke the truth 2 primary designers (me and evilsocket) and a UI engineer ( androguide ). Following a couple of months evilsocket got over-burden by work and quit dealing with it.

However, I continued taking a shot at dSploit, continually attempting to enhance it. Numerous capacities were moderate and mistake inclined, I changed the way them work, included new elements and revised numerous bugs.

At last, in summer 2014 I proposed another approach to make dSploit work, the new center. fundamentally I wish to move all the moderate and inefficent code out of Java. Evilsocket concurred with my recommendation and instructed me to begin chipping away at it. Evilsocket is extremely occupied with work in light of the fact that he began working for zImpremium.

On fall 2014 evilsocket got the request to combine dSploit into zANTI2. this choice executed the venture. I inquired as to whether I could bring it on, yet evilsocket advised that the space dsploit.net has a place with him and dsploit will formally converge into zANTI2. so I forked the undertaking and completed my work on the new center.

NOTE: Evilsocket told, that in a far future zANTI2 will be open source, however I would prefer not to sit tight for this, I need to complete all unique dSploit TODOs.

This was when cSploit was conceived.

Whats New

daemon won’t kick the bucket with the application

settled system radar look calculation

use audience rather than Intent for targets, they are too moderate.

This application has No notices

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