Counter Strike 1.6 – Download for PC

Counter Strike 1.6 Download Direct Link

Counter Strike 1.6 Download Direct Link

Counter Strike 1.6 Download Direct Link

Counter Strike 1.6 2015 new counter game in the genre of first person shooters for the PC platform has been released by Valve Corporation. Version 1.6 of the game counter strike 2015, a new game in the genre of first-person online is that in previous years has been part of the memories of many users. Counter strike style game with a first-person, one of the most popular network game series that a large number of users, their leisure time spent with it. You can choose to terrorists or counter terrorists get in. Groups are a group of terrorists holding a bomb with C5, are trying to implement a suicide move, if they’re in groups, in each hand in turn may put the bombs at your disposal which should enjoying a map, put it in a suitable place to work. If you are a member of terrorists after the laying bombs beware! Because at any moment it is possible to neutralize it over the counter terrorists and the destruction of your allies neutralize it. You can also counter the actions of terrorists and become more dangerous to stop and restart the operation . Counter-Strike 1.6 the 2,015th having the ability to play online, you will enable your online space with players of the world, so you can challenge your skill in armed conflicts drag.

Unlike the limited version of the game counter strike 1.6 for network gaming, the game counter strike 1.6 Version 2015 allows you to perform single-player game has also provided them with Bot. One of the remarkable features and play counter strike a wide variety of weapons, along with detailed specifications and mention the name of any of them. For example, if the terrorists get in this group are special weapons such as Uzi them, known as the Kalashnikov Kalashnikov and pointed Afghan extortionist! In the Counter Terrorists are also some special weapons teams, including their ability to counter terrorists who pointed a gun M4 popular. Each member of the team can kill people, guns won them, this operation is possible by pressing the G key. To buy weapons at their headquarters can use the B button, the list that appears before you can view your choice, armor, bombs, arrows, a pistol and a heavy weapon purchase. With the victory over the enemies can increase your money and your team to the next missions such as sniper weapons, buy more expensive. A copy of which has already been prepared for you, dear gamers Repack version and compressed 250 MB which can download it, go back to the time of loving years. Counter Strike 1.6 2015 can now play with a direct link.


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