Convert Document to Image


Convert Document to Image is a great and easy way to convert your doucments to images, it supports DOC, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML to TIFF, JPG, BMP and 20 other image file types.
Convert Document to Image is an extremely light with very simple UI. It supports batch conversion with additional support of command line.
Run the program, click on new, choose the file via file browser, next select action to do 1. Convert Files or Special Processing on files. Next would be choosing selecting input/file/Folder and format to covert from and Select Output/FileFolder and format to convert to.
Finally there’s my list of coversion tasks shown with their presets, like input file , Type, output files, type and status.
Once you’re done with all the settings, click on covert the processing will begin.

Convert Document to Image is powered by various features, for instance you can put a timer of schedule files, save the settings which can later be used with different files.

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