Commandos: Strike Force Download for PC

Commandos: Strike Force Download for PC
Commandos: Strike Force Download for PC

To set a new style that the game is considered the best-selling Commandos is such that you have the heart of a battle takes action first-person style (3D FPS). Events lead to unpleasant days of World War II in Europe. Your main mission in this game Strike Force unit that the forces behind the enemy lines of defense-related guidance and there’s a series of regular operations on the territory of countries such as France, Russia and Norway to accomplish.

Operations into two species. Some of them are a pure action. Others covert operations that the mission of the Green Berets, snipers and special forces carried out espionage. In fact, in this game to achieve your goals you must use all possible methods in the war. During the game you like green hat various forces, snipers and so on you know that your people can easily pasted among them. Operations game includes 14 stages in three main functions of the territories of France, Russia and Norway are.

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