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“CLANNAD” is a love to develop the game. The game took place in a small town, the protagonist of Okazaki friends because of family factors become bad juvenile, has been with the original Chunping Yangbian, in the light Osaka University live a downhill life, but hope that one day to leave the town. A year on April 14, he found in the school ramp before a stalled girl, friends also know the name of “Furukawa Nagisa” girl, his life began to have a significant change.

Clannard in the word, Clann in Celtic meaning “family”. As the name of the game for us to depict a picture by the family affection of the beautiful picture, is a moving people, people cry game. From the production point of view, the game seiyuu lineup can also be used to “luxury” to describe.

After the key in 2007 published CLANNAD will be adapted for the TV version of the animation message, following the “Kanon”, “AIR”, “CLANNAD” animated version is still produced by the Kyoto animation. TV animated version of the “CLANNAD” and “Kanon” “AIR” and known as the Key Company name for the three tear gas, animation was October 4, 2007 in the TBS broadcast.

CLANNAD TV version of the animation in the first quarter of 24 words, animated sound actor in addition to actor Okazaki friends (the earliest PC version of the game silence, PS2, PSP, XBOX porting and February 2008 issue of full-voice version with Actor outside of the dubbing), all enabled the original sound of the game the original class.

CLANNAD because the game content is too large, not all indent 24 set (22 episodes + episodes + episodes + wisdom generation), so TV version of the animated episode 23 finally released special newspaper: “the end of the world, full of sad colors. “CLANNAD ~ After Story ~” making in progress “,” CLANNAD After Story “in October 2, 2008 broadcast. (A total of 22 episodes + episodes 1 episodes + summary articles 1 episode + apricot)

In addition, the production of the theater version of Toei CLANNAD September 15, 2007 in Japan, released in March 5, 2008 DVD (theatrical actor actor and TV animation version is different).



System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium II above
RAM: 256MB or more memory
OS: Win98 or more

Download: Click Here

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