C Locker Pro (Widget Locker) v7.8.2 APK [Latest]


  • C Locker Pro

    Customize the Widgets you like, Launch the Actions you need…quickly!
    Pro Features
    • All app Widgets or 8 types of default widgets
    • Notifications from facebook, gooble+, whatsapp..basically all supported..
    • RSS Feeds (CNN, BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery info..
    • Calendar Events List Reminder..
    • 3 Profiles: default, music, location
    • 5 types of default widgets: Time, Weather, Date, Day, Next Alarm
    • App Widget
    • Missed calls, New SMS, Gmail notices
    • Notifications rom facebook, google+, whatsapp..basically all supported..(Maximum 2 notification apps can be selected for [Free Version])
    What’s in this version
    • Change Logs:
    • 7.8.2
    • Fixed: Samsung Fingerprint bug on Android 6.0v
    • Fixed: time profile not working (pm – am)
    • 7.8.1
    • Added: Option to group & ungroup notifications
    • Fixed: [block other apps] not working on ANDROID 5.1.1 and 6.0 [PACKAGE USAGE STATS] permission is needed
    • Fixed: bluetooth profile bug
    • 7.8.0:
    • Added: Lollipop Notification Custom widget option in [Notification Settings]
    • Added: Lollipop Notification actions
    • Fixed: home key bug for CM, Huawei devices
    • Updated: Cezch and Slovak translation (Many thanks to XDA member: phsnake)
    • Fixed: AutoSelfie not working with Android 4.4 and below devices (Many thanks to my Tester: Dark-Ao Raiden-X)
    How to Install ?
    1. Download The Apk given below
    2. Install normally
    3. Done! Enjoy !!

    Download & Links
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