BulletFlight v4.2.2.1 download apk

BulletFlight v4.2.2.1 download apk

Prerequisites: 2.1 and up

Review: Note: This is the most abnormal amount of BulletFlight (level M, Military). Additionally see BulletFlt L1 and BulletFlt L2 for lower-cost choices.

Note: This is the most elevated amount of BulletFlight (level M, Military). Likewise see BulletFlt L1 and BulletFlt L2 for lower-cost choices.

Knight’s Armament BulletFlight is a military-grade ballistic PC that gives brisk arrangements in the field. BulletFlight does not yield data in table organization but instead alterably gives you the arrangement you require now to make that shot. Current climate conditions including temperature, weight, mugginess, wind speed, and wind course can be information, and points to the objective as measured by the implicit accelerometer. The application then gives very definite arrangements out to 3000 meters. Your weapon profile incorporates your degree MOA/mRad per click, and henceforth when you give an extent to the objective, the application will just show what number of snaps you have to change the extension by for that range and wind speed.

Incorporates more than 1400 shots including deliberately measured G7 BC database for VLD slugs. BulletFlight’s G7 information is cordiality of Bryan Litz and I prescribe his book: http://www.appliedba…_files/Book.htm

Up to five ballistic coefficients with comparing speed edges may be utilized for every profile to upgrade precision, or utilize a solitary G1, G7, or G8 esteem.

A few implicit profiles for the Army’s M110 and M110C self-loader accuracy rifle, the Army’s new XM2010 expert sharpshooter rifle, the 14.5 inch SR16 rifle, The 50 BMG M107, .308 M40A3, .308 M24, and the 6.5mm KAC PDW permit you to begin rapidly. You may change these profiles, or include new ones.

This application is right now in battle use by military expert riflemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Android-particular interface.

Assembled in profiles for basic military rifles, however effectively include more custom profiles.

Exact shot database with most significant brands.

Meets expectations with Kestrel BlueTooth climate meters.

3000 meters extend (2000 utilizing straightforward screen).

Quick and exact ballistic calculation utilizing G1, G7, or G8 ballistic coefficients.

Simple to utilize interface yet intense and full highlighted. All applicable information on screen at the same time.

Client interface intended to minimize shot of info lapses.

“Basic Screen” with separation wheel, additionally “Full” screen where any careful reach may be utilized.

Yield in inches, cm, MOA, Mils, and extension clicks.

Alternative for Metric units. Much of the time magnificent and metric are unmistakable in the meantime.

Direct data for extensions with either MOA or mRad metric info, (for example, Schmidt & Bender).

Computes 360 degree wind float utilizing either level of O’Clock organization data.

Wind rate may be indicated in either miles-per-hour or meters-per-second.

Progressed climatic model.

Utilizes GPS to find closest climate station and after that consequently gets climate information and height for ballistic calculation.

Sight-in climate may be logged and put away for programmed standardization to standard conditions. So you may locate in at any temperature or height and later be exact at whatever other temperature or elevation.

Constructed in accelerometer will identify plot for enhanced exactness.

Registers genuine BCs from gathered information. A few clients will do this for every log of ammunition before a mission.

Assembled in mil-dab range number cruncher.

Ascertains projectile turn/solidness with a profoundly exact recipe.

Figures projectile twist float.

Assembled in help screen.

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