Braid Download for PC

Braid Download for PC
Braid Download for PC

Braid the name of the game is fantastic intellectual Platform- style. In the game world around the character is a man named Tim gradually expanded and shaped, in the mind of Tim initially empty and without experience and knowledge of it during the game. The game tells the story of Tim to find and rescue the young prince must travel the route in seven different worlds. In each of these worlds very different time and space, and the player must pass Bsylr clever game with various puzzles to solve. Screenshots very attractive and is designed like oil paintings and music is very appropriate for the intended environment.

Features of the game Braid:
– Challenging gameplay
– Find puzzle pieces
– Design beauty
– Play different parallel worlds
– Use Back at the

Braid is a platformer / puzzle game with unique elements that aim to provide a mind-expanding, filler-free experience. The player journeys across seven worlds to rescue a princess; in each world, time behaves in its own peculiar way. The player must cleverly manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles.
“Braid” features:
– Forgiving yet challenging gameplay: Braid is a 2-D platform game where you can never die and never lose. Despite this, Braid is challenging-but the challenge is about solving puzzles, rather than forcing you to replay tricky jumps.
– Rich puzzle environment: Travel through a series of worlds searching for puzzle pieces, then solving puzzles by manipulating time: rewinding, creating parallel universes, setting up pockets of dilated time. The gameplay feels fresh and new; the puzzles are meant to inspire new ways of thinking.
– Aesthetic design: A painterly art style and lush, organic soundtrack complement the unique gameplay.
– Nonlinear story: A nonlinear fiction links the various worlds and provides real-world metaphors for your time manipulations; in turn, your time manipulations are projections of the real-world themes into playful “what-if” universes where consequences can be explored.
– Nonlinear gameplay: The game does not force you to solve puzzles in order to proceed. If you can not figure something out, just play onward and return to that puzzle later.

required system

Windows XP / Vista
Internet Explorer 7.0
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
Athlon / Pentium III (1GHz or higher)
512 MB RAM
1GB HD space recommended

Download Instruction:
1st- Click Download Button Bellow.
2nd- wait 5 Second then Click Skip Ad

Download: Click Here

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