Borderlands 1 Download for PC

Borderlands 1 Download for PC
Borderlands 1 Download for PC

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Today we all know the big company’s 2K Games titles such as Mafia, Dirt, Davinchi Code and was released. So know also saw the bigger titles dent, the second version of the Mafia, Dirt2, Borderland Hooz not taste too with the fact that we all know that would be a very good game. The company will soon have many fans. Self hallowed place among gamers unlock. The company in the field of sports very well and even managed to launch EA’s NBA 2K9 suffered a huge defeat and has now sold more than 2k Sport EA and the EA is one of the fiercest opponents. Now one of the games that 2K Games says a lot on the job and was considered a masterpiece of the game is Borderland.

Borderlands is a sci-fi first-person action with RPG elements does. Borderlands is a lot of gameplay depth. You can customize many cases, and the large number of weapons used in a variety of combinations. Vehicles must travel vast game environments, while capable of firing on vehicles. Automated production systems and cause almost infinite expansion of missions, enemies, weapons, environments, items and characters are. In addition to these features, the Co-Op quadruple, double the fun.

Beautiful sci-fi first-person action game of 2009, the company 2K Games role-playing genre with elements in the novel’s new interested players immersed in the subject and his environment.
In the role of one of four characters, and the game with multiple weapons to conquer whatever way you can. In this remote and exotic planet called Askatra you should find and rescue a legendary object of his team to secure .
Play computer games faced with critical acclaim and has earned a perfect score of 8.5 on it!

Developer: Gearbox Software Company
Publisher: 2K Games label
Release Date: October, 27, 2009
Web Exclusive: Borderlands
Classification Genre: Action
Degree of difficulty: Medium.

The time required for a complete understanding of the environment: about half an hour.
ESRB rating on the game content: Mature – appropriate for all age groups 17 years and older.
Unique features of the game Borderlands:
– A sci-fi first person action with a combination of beautiful role-playing game.
– 4-player individual and team play.
– Numerous diverse destructive weapons to use and the destruction of enemies in the game.
– Artistic graphics of the game.
– Campaigns exciting and grueling game.
– Practical environment imaginative play space.
System requirements to run the game Borderlands:
1GB system RAM
2.4 GHz processor
256 MB video card
8 GB of hard disk space

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