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Avast! Browser Cleanup a freeware tool to uninstall unwanted toolbars and extensions from the browser. It cleans the browser from every type of hijacker toolbars and restores your browser to its original state. Avast! Browser Cleanup works with all latest browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and internet Explorer.

Avast! Browser Cleanup has a very smart and latest user interference, upon running the software, it will first analyze the browser for possible hijackers and malicious software that have taken over the control of the browser. Once the analyzing is done, the main program screen opens which shows the overview about the browser, in my case i had a clean overview which said ” Your browser appear to be free from add-ons that have poor reputation”

One the left side of screen, browser options are displayed which includes Firefox, IE and Chrome. Each browser tab has a reset option which can be used if you want restore your browser to its default settings, Apart from that, if your browsers are infected, the list of toolbars would be shown and you can easily remove them by selecting it and click on remove or disable.

Avast! Browser Cleanup also shows the extensions installed in a browser with the star snippet ratting, i had IDM integration module installed in both chrome and IE. The cleanup tool picked it and presented me with the option to either remove or disable, Since it is safe, no action was needed on my end.

Overall Avast! Browser Cleanup is a nice free utility to cleanup and restore your browser to its original settings without doing much on your part. Just install the software and scan for possible hijackers. It also notifies you when some toolbar tries to take control of your browser.

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