AutoVoice Full v2.0.48 download apk

AutoVoice Full v2.0.48 download apk

Necessities: 2.2 and up/Tasker

Outline: Control your Android gadget with your voice, now even by means of your Bluetooth headset! You can even divert all sound to your Bluetooth headset furthermore respond to your Bluetooth headset catch and do whatever activity you need with it in Tasker.

Begin here:

Check the FAQ here:

This adaptation is restricted to orders with 4 characters. On the off chance that you need to open complete charges, you can do it in-application or purchase the different open key here:

Essential note about acknowledgment delays:….sts/1rwobTtFGk7


(Cautioning: YOU MUST HAVE TASKER INSTALLED FOR THIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE: AutoVoice is just usable as a plugin in Tasker. Kindly don’t rate it adversely as a result of this.)

In case you’re wanting to utilize it, please check if your Bluetooth headset meets expectations before purchasing the full form!

On the off chance that your bluetooth headset neglects to be perceived, please take a stab at detaching it from the telephone, rebooting and reconnecting. This technique is known not in these circumstances.

If you don’t mind get in touch with me if anything isn’t right and I’ll react to you expeditiously and attempt to alter it when I can. Much thanks to you.


AutoVoice is a Tasker plugin that gives you full control of your Android gadget with your voice or your bluetooth headset.

Another extraordinary point of interest of AutoVoice is the simplicity of setup. AutoVoice utilizes general Tasker conditions to respond to your voice, so it’s as simple as setting the charge you need to respond to and picking the Task to perform, all from withing Tasker! Hope to take close to 1 moment setting up a cool new voice order!

Watch this feature by dkc to see what sort of awsome stuff is conceivable with AutoVoice:

These are every one of the conditions/activities that are accessible in Tasker:

– “AutoVoice Recognize” activity (begins voice acknowledgment with or without headset)

– “AutoVoice Control Bluetooth” activity (gives you a chance to divert all sound from your telephone to the bluetooth gadget whenever; please take note of that the Bluetooth catch quits reacting if this is dynamic)

– “AutoVoice Set Command Id” activity (permits you to characterize the following summon in a chain of charges)

– “AutoVoice Recognized” condition (gives you a chance to respond to your voice charges and chain a few orders together)

– “AutoVoice Recognition Failed” condition (gives you a chance to respond when nothing was perceived in a voice brief)

– “AutoVoice BT Pressed” condition (gives you a chance to respond to a catch push on your Bluetooth headset that is not so much connected with voice acknowledgment… can do anything you need with it!)

– “AutoVoice BT Pressed (2)” same as above, yet for optional catch capacity (on a few headsets it’s a long catch press, on others it’s a short catch press)

After you do a voice charge you can respond to it in the “AutoVoice Recognized” condition in Tasker (lives up to expectations all that much the same path as in AutoRemote, another joaomgcd application).

You can utilize the words you talked in the relating section errand. Figure out how to utilize these variables here:…oice/variables/

– %avcomm (the entire summon you talked)

– %avcommnofilter (the entire summon less the content you put as the order channel in the condition. Could be utilized for case to get the part that you need in a “play tune” charge, e.g. filter:”play melody”, summon: “play tune XXX”, %avcommnofilter will be “XXX”)

– %avword1, %avword2, %avword3 and so on are every one of the words in the summon you talked.

AutoVoice is additionally a great deal more helpful than the normal “Get Voice” activity in Tasker, on the grounds that you can without much of a stretch chain charges together with a propelled summon framework that gives you a chance to keep away from all the if-else-endif conditions you need to use with the Tasker assembled in “Get Voice” activity. Likewise, in light of the implicit variables, you’ll get to the words you’re searching for much speedier.

The summon chain framework works like show in this case feature:


– Remote voice! Send AutoVoice orders from Windows, Linux Mac or another Android gadget. Guidelines here: consents are a direct result of this element: your google record is utilized for remote charges)

– logged off acknowledgment now meeting expectations with implicit AutoVoice perceive activity (still not living up to expectations with Google Now)

– altered google now reconciliation for most recent Google App…voice/changelog

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