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In the Dungeon Battle, the player plays a lost memory of the characters, when he woke up and found himself lying in a small cell. Most computer role-playing games like to use such a beginning, but “Dungeon Fighting” game settings are very interesting. This is a world without sunshine, the land of the residents have moved to live underground, because the ground temperature slightly higher than the ground. This means that in the game will not appear clear blue sky and colorful birds, you can come into contact with one another after the cave, underground city and tunnel. Sounds monotonous, but it is not. The game world may lack the traditional landscape or tourist attractions, but with a high degree of interaction. You can pick up everything as long as it is not fixed to the ground. You can use the local plants to brew a wide range of drugs, you can freely change the location of things, if you down, you can even see their feet. “Dungeon Fighter” designers make every effort, hoping to create a let players feel immersive game environment, in fact, this game has basically reached their expectations. There are four core attributes in the game, players in shaping their own game characters, you need to consider how to assign the ability of these four points, and how to assign skills to learn different skills, such as close combat, magic , Clandestine action, sixth sense and knowledge. As the level of experience to enhance the property and ability to follow the upgrade, players can freely choose their own professional, most of the players want their characters both good at fighting skills and good at using magic, because the fighting is unavoidable, At the same time magic and more practical. In any case, the game manual will clearly tell you the skill points will be assigned to different skills projects will appear on the results, maybe you will feel the manual on the game monster, items, spells and pharmaceutical formulations, etc. Description too much detail. If you study this manual carefully, you will find that your adventure experience becomes more exciting.

The whole game is almost always in the first-person state of view, although the game from time to time when the animated transitions will switch to the third-person perspective. Although you may want to spend some time to study the game manual, remember the game hotkey, but overall, “Dungeon Battle” control is very simple, as long as you have played the first person RPG game, which Department of the game is not difficult to get started. The first part of the game is the main part of the guide, let the players first familiar with the game in the battle, magic and puzzle solutions and other factors. Core control and interface there are some minor problems. Game of the item management system is based on the limited storage space design, very clumsy. Although the player can also call the automatic mapping function, but the map will cover most of the screen, hinder the action of the characters. Diary function is not produced well, because it is only in the game is equivalent to the function of the task log, tell the player what to do next – players and the NPC in the game conversation, we must play the spirit of twelfth, Dialogue, so as not to miss any important clues, because in the diary will not indicate. In addition, the “Dungeon Battle” also introduced other games in a very bad feature: people have to eat. In a role-playing game, the game characters do a fishing rod, fishing, and then cooked the fish on the fire, these circumstances are good, but in this game, the number of people eating too often a number of frequency. People want to eat a lot of ribs, cheese and bread, have the strength to use two-handed sword or other spoils. But this can only be regarded as a small problem. Some of the more important factors, such as combat and magic in the game system, are quite normal to run.

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