Android Pay v1.0.1 download apk

Android Pay v1.0.1 download apk

Necessities: 4.4+

Review: This application will be overhauled to Android Pay in the following couple of days. To send or get cash or deal with your Wallet Balance, download the new Google Wallet.

Hoping to tap & pay, store dependability or blessing cards? Stay tuned for the new Android Pay application – coming soon. Take in more at

The new Google Wallet makes it simple to send cash to anybody in the US with an email location, regardless of the fact that they don’t have a current Wallet account. It’s quick, simple, and allowed to send cash specifically from your platinum card, financial balance, or Wallet Balance.

Deal with your Google Wallet Card

The Google Wallet Card gives you a chance to right away burn through cash you get through Google Wallet. You can utilize it to pay at a great many areas in the US, wherever Debit MasterCard® is acknowledged, or use it to pull back money from ATMs.

Money out at whatever time

You can rapidly money out any cash you have in your Wallet Balance utilizing your platinum card or connected financial balance.

Remain focused of you’re spending

Keep focused of your adding so as to spend a set add up to your Wallet Balance, or set up a repeating exchange from your ledger. At that point effortlessly stay informed regarding every one of your exchanges in the application or at

Protected and secure

Google Wallet accompanies every minute of every day extortion checking and spreads 100% of all confirmed unapproved exchanges. In the event that your Wallet Card is ever lost or stolen, you can drop it utilizing the Google Wallet application or at In the event that you lose your telephone, you can deny access to it at

Hoping to tap & pay in stores? Stay tuned for the new Android Pay application – coming soon.


• First arrival of new application

• Refreshed UI

• Quickly money out utilizing a charge card

This application has no notices

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