360 Security – Antivirus Boost 3.3.6


360 Security – Antivirus Boost 3.3.6

Security 360 is the most trusted mobile software including optimization and security, 200 million global users using 360 Security to ensure their mobile lifestyle in a minimum of intrusion in your daily life.

Download this free application optimization and security for Android is intuitively designed to protect a single touch of your mobile life style.
★ One-touch IMPROVEMENT: Cleaning processes memory for smooth operation of your phone, saving battery life;
★ One-touch CLEANING: Get rid of junk files generated daily use, to free storage space on the device Your mobile;
★ One-touch VIRUS: Remove all viruses, malware and Trojans while repair system vulnerabilities to protect your privacy and personal data.
360 Security Download now to optimize your Android device and protects it right now!
What you will get 360 Security:
► Clean thoroughly
cleaned detail your device with the most complete system scan using large data intelligently to identify and get rid of unwanted files just to free up space on your device
► grew rapidly
Delete redundant or close down background processes, based on our algorithm ‘deep analysis’, and your device so that applications will run smoothly. Say goodbye to late!
► leader of the antivirus engine
proved that removes 100% of threats with a success rate of more than 99.7%, the engine artificial intelligence QVS patented 360 Security is developed based on a heuristic engine AV and patented technology cloud-to-client . 360 Security was ranked No. 1 in its class from four independent agencies top antivirus technology assessment including AV-C, AV-Test, VB100, and CheckMark.
► Intelligent Energy Saver
Save your smart device energy knowing when to trigger automatic cleaning function 360 Security, which saves all the battery power you need, when you need it most. ► Privacy and Block ApplicationsPrevents data device such as applications, SMS, photo albums and other important and private documents from falling into the wrong hands.

► Theft reliable service
delete, locate, alert and remotely locks your mobile device theft lost an all-inclusive solution, empowering you to react quickly to protect your data and your personal information, while giving you chance to recover your device anti-theft functions can trigger remote access through our web interface at http://findphone.360safe.com
► user-friendly application Manager
Manage your device’s storage, thereby allowing you to uninstall some unwanted applications APK files, or even to move applications from your local memory on an SD card to keep your storage and organized free!

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